USB Hid with lpc4357 and keil


i used keil to generate new project for usb device HID and FreeRtos and CMSIS in HIGH SPEED mode ( 0x1000 of stack and 0x1000 of heap to be sure ) .

I make a task to start the program with only USBD_Initialize( 0 ) and USBD_Connect( 0 ). The project works only one time on 10 test, normaly no sound of device connected on pc (ding dong :slight_smile: ) or i receive a HardFalutHandler excpetion. I contattected other people with same part ( LPC4357 ) to generate same project, and they have the same problems.

Someone know where can be the problem ?
Sorry for my english !!

Can you step through the code and find the line that is causing fault? You can also follow these instructions to find the faulting line - Debugging and diagnosing hard faults on ARM Cortex-M CPUs

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