URC prefix in custom URC callback (Cellular library)

I am using some commands that cause URCs being generated. I can register my own URC handler using Cellular_RegisterUrcGenericCallback. The problem is, only the part after the colon is passed to the callback making it hard to distinguish between more URCs.

By their very own nature, various URCs can arrive at any time so my callback needs to check whether this URC is the one it expects or if it is some other indication. Therefore, I would need to know the prefix too. Am I using it wrong or is it intentional that the prefix is not passed to the callback? Can I retrieve the currently processed URC’s prefix?

Hi @kaktus ,
Thanks for your contributing.
I’ll take a look and answer you later.

Hi @kaktus ,
The patch provides URC’s prefix to the generic callback and it’s under review. Please let us know if it works for you.


Thank you very much. I’ll test it next week.

Hi, I have tested that and in my setup, it works as expected.
Thank you very much!

Thanks for reply.
The PR has been merged to main branch.

Thank for your contribution.