Updating FreeRTOS to newest vesion (9.0.0 to 10.4.6)

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I’m currently porting some code from a TI RM42L432 to a TI RM46L852. And by the way I want to update the freeRTOS kernel. I downloaded the last version of FreeRTOS and I’m currently trying to understand why I’m facing some implicit declaration.

Here is my problem, I use the file mpu_rappers.c from

FreeRTOS/Source/portable/Common/mpu_wrappers.c and mpu_wrappers.h from FreeRTOS/Source/include/mpu_wrappers.h and I’ve some implicit declaration because portUSING_MPU_WRAPPERS is not set to 1.

In my last project I had this declaration in the portmacro.h header file but now I don’t have it in my new portmacro.h which I got from FreeRTOS/Source/portable/CCS/ARM_Cortex-R4/portmacro.h.

I have two questions :
1- Is portUSING_MPU_WRAPPERS set elsewhere ?
2- What exactly MPU_WRAPPERS are used for ?

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There was a related post recently which might be helpful and also this documentation

Thank you for your quick repsonse. I’ve seen this post but in my case I think I use MPU because it was set in my last project. I’ll check the documentation.

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According to the data sheet (https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/spns185c/spns185c.pdf?ts=1637240525944&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.de%2F), your POD appears to have an MPU.

Yes It have i’ve already check the datasheet but I don’t know why I can’t configure FreeRTOS to use it. I think I misunderstand something here on how to configure correctly freeRTOS because this is the first time I do such things.

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Where did you get the original portmacro.h header file from? I would think that the definition should be explicity added when an MPU compatible POD is used (afaik, there are R4s with and without MPUs). Ideally I’d think that you want the declaration in your freertosconfig.h file.

This port does not have MPU support. Where did you get the original port from?


Hello aggarg,

I don’t know exactly where the last port com from… I think it comes from the halcogen freertos code generator. I’ll try to build a project with halcogen for the RML46L850 which is very similar to the 852 and see what are the differences. But I don’t want to go through halcogen to import FreeRTOS because it seems to don’t be at the latest version and in the future I want to be able to import and update freeRTOS easily.

Understood. I am just trying to understand how you got the MPU port if it is not officially supported. Let me know whatever you find.


Hello aggarg,

I created a project with halcogen for the RM46l852 with FreeRTOS and it gave me the mpu port.

Now i’m facing new issues but I don’t know if it is related to FreeRTOS or CodeComposerStudio (creating output section xxx without SECTIONS specification).


I think that port is written and supported by TI. If you can elaborate other issues you are facing, I can try to help.