Updating a particular topic to a group of Things

I have a fleet of devices (say 100) all subscribing to a particular topic and will react on respective publish. It’d be great if someone could advise on the below. TIA.

The topic is somewhat : cmd/smartcontrol/device1/command for device 1

If I want to publish a command to every device, I’d use a wild card character .

But if I’d like limit my publish to a certain group of devices/things (Devices 20 to 30 which is a static group). What would be the best solution?


Should I update the Broker End point to group arn?

Are you doing it programmatically? If so, constructing the topic for each device you want to publish to should not be a problem.

It would be done programmatically from the web app or Lambda.
Was wondering if there’s better way than publishing to each device’s topic sequentially.


Do the devices have fixed grouping? If so, you can construct the topics per group:


This way you can publish to all the devices of group A by using topic cmd/smartcontrol/command/devicegroupA/#.