Understanding the Amazon Freertos Demos

Hello I am getting started with the Amazon freertos I have managed to compile the demos and now i am trying to understand the file structure of the amazon freertos and know how the build commands decides which demo to compile and what things i will be required to do to be able to add custom Demo then compile Build the binary file.
Please provide the resources that discusses into the structure of the amazon-freertos directory since I can’t find any.
Thank you.

Hi, I would recommend taking a look at the CMakeLists.txt file that is at the root directory. It can be found here. This file is the starting point for the build system.

What version of the repository are you using?

FreeRTOS includes some demo applications in the demos folder, under the main FreeRTOS directory. All of the examples that can be executed by FreeRTOS appear in the common folder, under demos. There is also a folder for each FreeRTOS-qualified platform under the demos folder. If you use the only the target platform you choose has a subdirectory under demos.

Before you try the demo applications, we recommend that you complete the tutorial in It shows you how to set up and run the coreMQTT Mutual Authentication demo.