Unable to load FreeRTOS Trace file in Tracealyzer

karamjeet wrote on Saturday, October 05, 2019:

When trying to open trace in snapshot mode, I get an error:
“Failed to find handler for opening this trace. This could be caused by corrupt trace file, or lack of installed/licensed components to open this file.”
I am not able to figure out the reason for the above error.

  1. As stated in the error message above, in case the trace file is actually corrupted, what could be the reason behind it and how to avoid it?
  2. In my opinion, the second reason in the error should be ruled out as I am using an evaluation license.
    Does anyone has any clue on the above error?
    Thanks in advance!

rtel wrote on Saturday, October 05, 2019:

Recommend sending the trace to Percepio, you can get the support email address from percepio.com.

karamjeet wrote on Monday, October 07, 2019:

Sure, Thanks!