Try percepio got error in event_group.c in streaming mode

Recently I have been trying to use stream jlink mode in freertos.

according to the link

the stream ports, there are files: trcStreamingPort.c/ trcStreamingPort.h, I go to percipio file C:\Program Files\Percepio\Tracealyzer 4\FreeRTOS\TraceRecorder\streamports\Jlink_RTT, I can not find trcStreamingPort.c/ trcStreamingPort.h but trcStreamPort.c/ trcStreamPort.h.

So maybe because of the version update, trcStreamingPort.c/ trcStreamingPort.h was the old version.

When I configure like this #define TRC_CFG_RECORDER_MODE TRC_RECORDER_MODE_STREAMING in trcKernelPortConfig.h,

then I got this error: …\FreeRTOS\event_groups.c(631): error: #132: expression must have pointer-to-struct-or-union type

in line: 631 traceEVENT_GROUP_DELETE( xEventGroup ); in event_group.c file of freertos.

Would you happen to know how this can happen?

freertos version: v9.0.0
percepio: v4.6.5
MCU: stm32f4

I think this is a duplicate of Void vEventGroupDelete( EventGroupHandle_t xEventGroup ) got error in TRC_RECORDER_MODE_STREAMING in Jlink streaming mode

Yes, I thought this one the question was not clearly described.