TransportInterface and few different network connection. Need some clarification

Hi! My application has several network tasks: telemetry via MQTT, time adjustment via NTP, and working with a binary protocol device via tcp. Tell me the wrapper of the Transport Interface is it required or why is it needed? Or is it just an intermediate layer of abstraction for more flexibility? Can I create several transport interfaces(MQTT, NTP, RAW), each for its own task, and not worry about thread safety

The question is unclear. NTP sits on top of UDP, MQTT on TCP, so you have two layer four protocols on top of TCP and one on top of UDP. What is the “wrapper” you inquire about?

Are you familiar with the ISO/OSI layering model and how the protocols fit in it?

Yes. Physical…transport…application…

My question is about Transport Interface. Is this something universal or is it only necessary for CoreMQTT and CoreHTTP libraries to work to ensure the encryption (or without) of the communication channel?

Apologies for misreading your question.

The purpose of transport interface is to make CoreMQTT and CoreHTTP libraries independent of the underlying transport.

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