Trace Utility on HCS12 C32

dalehumby wrote on Tuesday, October 18, 2005:


I am using this ports demo and would like to put in a trace for learning purposes. I have looked at the API help and read the article, but I need a little more help.

Where would be a good place to declare the buffer and to start the trace (vTastStartTrace)? What type decleration is correct for the buffer?

I defined char cBuf[500]; in the local variables section of main.c and the call to vTastStartTrace in vApplicationIdleHook before the for(;:wink: loop.

However, at compile CodeWarrior claims there is no more RAM at location 0xFB9. I suspect this is due to the position of where I have declared the buffer.

Thanks and regards

nobody wrote on Tuesday, October 18, 2005:

It is more likely that you just don’t have enough RAM left to create a 500 byte buffer, and that trying to do so is causing the data segment to overrun.

Check the map files to see how much RAM is left.