Trace time resolution

nobody wrote on Monday, November 20, 2006:


What is the time resolution, presented by the trace utillity?

The Tickrate is 1 mS.

Here is a little bit of the trace:

10301.000000    5
10301.050000    5
10301.050000    9
10316.000000    9
10316.000000    0
10316.050000    0
10316.050000    9
10350.000000    9
10350.000000    6
10350.050000    6
10350.050000    9

Best regards, Frank

nobody wrote on Monday, November 20, 2006:

By default the trace cannot determine time resolution below one tick so to maintain the correct sequence of context switches it adds a small (0.05) increment to readings that have the same time stamp.  This means when you view the graph you get the correct sequence information but cannot determine the exact time (below 1 tick period).

You can instead use a free running timer to generate the time stamp instead of the tick time.  This can give you better resolution but you have to also handle overflows.