Totally Beginner Question Ros2 & cmd_vel & microros & FreeRTOS

Hi everyone ı build a rover and ı use ros1 before drive that, now my setup;
ROS2 Foxy
Raspberry pi4 with ubuntu server 20.04
esp32 wroom32 board
lm298 brushed driver
my question is very simple now ı just want drive my wheels with ros2 ı coding before arduino ide and rosserial, but this is very different ı cant do that, if you help me or give me documentation ı would be very happy, ı make a lot of search but ı cant find ı cant understand

Do you have a specific FreeRTOS question we can help you with?

thanks for reply, my question is how ı coding with freertos, there is a documentation of library, where is library

If you are looking for FreeRTOS documentation of FreeRTOS, you can look here - FreeRTOS Features - FreeRTOS

This book is also very helpful for learning FreeRTOS concepts -

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[API Reference] part in there is fix my question thanks much