Tms570ls1115 compatibility

mikea23 wrote on Friday, August 08, 2014:

I saw that, on the website,its said that FreeRTOS is compatible with the TMS570 family but I was wondering if that mean it is compatible with all the MCUs from that family, because I’m using the TMS570LS1115 and I wamt to know of it is compatible…
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rtel wrote on Friday, August 08, 2014:

I don’t know that particular part number, but assuming it has the same Cortex-R core as the other TMS 570 parts then FreeRTOS will run on it.


mikea23 wrote on Monday, August 11, 2014:

is an ARM Cortex R4F.

And if it runs… which file is the one im supposed to use to write the tasks, timers and all that?? I download the file from but im not sure which file is the one…

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davedoors wrote on Tuesday, August 12, 2014:

FreeRTOS is used like a library. You include the source files in your project to make the API available, then use the API in your C program. For example, you could create a task from main().