Timing Details Of RTOs Calls

sachindbhujbal wrote on Monday, April 27, 2009:

Dear All,
      I am using FreeRTOS in STR9 at 96MHz.
      Can anybody tell me the timing details of
all ( or whatever available ) RTOs calls or guide me to derive it ? i.e. time of reading & sending one message from & to queue respectively( in tasks & in interrupt ). Time of getting semaphore if it is immediately available. Time of Stack switching, etc.
      I also want to calculation parameters for task stack
so that I will vary much sure about my task design.
      I know that I can calculate Stack Size by adding sizes of all variables in that tasks & addition of sizes of local variables within the functions called from it.  But is there anything to be considered i.e sizes of local variables of RTOs functions or anything more to consider while calculating Stact Size.

Sachin D. Bhujbal

thmjpr wrote on Friday, May 01, 2009:

For the timing details, maybe hookup a scope and sprinkle pin high/low commands around your code (or within the freertos functions).

You can use this first function to check stack usage:

To catch overflows:

sachindbhujbal wrote on Tuesday, May 05, 2009:

Thanks for Reply,
     I know the above links for stack overflow checking.
     But when we check Stack Sizes with function HighWaterMark…, etc, at that stage we must have completed design & implementation of our project.
      So if I have to modify the stack size of some tasks, then if may reflect my design, so I want to know it before its design & implementation.
      For Timings I will check it with pin toggling, etc.
      Bye the way thanks for the reply.

Sachin Bhujbal