Timer interrupts in freertos

Hi i am using tm4c123gh6pm micro controller, i want to create timer interrupt in freertos but i did not find any info , can you please suggest the API’s used for timer interrupts

Are you talking about peripheral timer interrupts? If so, then look at the libraries provided for the part by TI.

No, not peripheral timers rtel can we have any timer interrupt API’s supported by freertos that will run particular task in regular intervals.

Do you mean software timers? https://www.freertos.org/RTOS-software-timer.html

yes rtel i saw this page but in this page “xTimerStartFromISR()” this api will help me to run task at regular intervals or any other api is there?

Thanks Rtel for your reply.

That function will start a software timer from an interrupt. Use xTimerStart() is the function to use from outside of an interrupt. As described on the web site and in the free to download book - both functions start a software timer that will execute a callback function at a regular frequency.

Thank you Rtel for guiding me to complete my task. I will use that API.

Thanks Rtel.