Tick rate vs. Preemption rate

I’m a beginner to FreeRTOS, I am running a simple program that has two tasks of equal priorities running.

My tick rate is currently configured at 1kHZ, so therefore it follows that the tick interrupt should fire every millisecond. My understanding is that when tasks of equal priorities run, they use time slicing (and time slicing is enabled in configurations) so I expect each task to get 1 tick period (1ms) to run

Instead, I see in the event recorder that each task gets ~5 milliseconds, or 5 ticks each, to run. Is this 5 millisecond value some configuration I’m not seeing? This seems like each equal priority task gets 5 ticks each to run, rather than 1

Attached are the event recorder log showing each task pre-empts the other every ~5 milliseconds while the tick rate is 1kHZ

Which event recorder is this, I’ve not seen that before? Is the method used to record the events causing the issue? What does the value in each column show? Have you checked the tick frequency is actually 1khz and not one fifth of that? Are you using any low power features? Then please also show the simplest code that demonstrates this problem.

Which MCU are you using? Which port and which IDE?