Tick adjustment due to critical section

lantczak wrote on Thursday, February 09, 2017:


In my system the flash erase/write action cause issue with system Tick precision. During flash writing the code is running from RAM and all interrupts are disabled.
Each write operation takes ~10ms and the Tick value is not incrementing. I plan to calculate system block time based on processor cycle counter and adjust Tick value.

I want to create own function similar to vTaskStepTick() byt without
configASSERT( ( xTickCount + xTicksToJump ) <= xNextTaskUnblockTime );

In my case it can happen that Tick value is already bigger than xNextTaskUnblockTime.
I’m aware that my system is not true real time system.


  1. Will system work properly (tasks to unblock will run / timers will expired) with next calling of xTaskIncrementTick() if Tick value is bigger than xNextTaskUnblockTime.
  2. In my understanding the only issue with this design is that task switching from block to run time will be postponed. I’m I right?

I’ve seen similar topic:
But I don’t see direct answer to my questions

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rtel wrote on Thursday, February 09, 2017:

vTaskStepTick() assumes that the tick count has not gone past the time
at which a task will leave the Blocked state because of a timeout. In
your case that probably won’t be true. For example, if a task will
timeout in 3 ticks because the block time in a call to vTaskDelay()
expires (or any other blocking function), but you miss 10 ticks because
of the flash write operation, then you cannot just step the tick on by
10 ticks because the task will never get unblocked.

The simplest thing to do would be to call xTaskIncrementTick() for each
missed tick interrupt. The code would look something like the
following, where uxMissedTicks is the number of ticks that should have
occurred while the flash write was in progress.

     if( uxMissedTicks > 0U )
             if( xTaskIncrementTick() != pdFALSE )
                 xYieldPending = pdTRUE;
         } while( uxMissedTicks > 0U );

lantczak wrote on Friday, February 10, 2017:

Which approach is better from system point of view :

  1. The xTaskIncrementTick() loop should be called inside critical section or it is not necessary?
  2. If xYieldPending is TRUE then calling of taskYIELD() should be done immediately or it is allowed to do it at the end when all uxMissedTicks are already checked

Are you sure that task is leaving the block state only when current Tick value is equal task unblock tick. I thought that it is happening when current tick is equal or greater.

rtel wrote on Friday, February 10, 2017:

Yes it should be in a critical section - thanks for pointing that out.

It is only necessary to yield once, after exiting the loop.