TI Sitara SMP demo

We are working on setting up a test platform for FreeRTOS 11 SMP. The announcement for FreeRTOS 11 SMP linked to a demo for the TI Sitara AM6x that we decided to try.

However, after buying this board and getting started with CCS, we found this demo is actually using FreeRTOS 10 SMP. We have attempted to update this but are having some issues with data aborts (before adding our test application).

Any plans for updating this demo to FreeRTOS 11?

Are there any other Cortex-A53 demos for FreeRTOS 11 SMP?

I guess last update in January 2022, specific Cortex-A53 demos for FreeRTOS 11 SMP were not widely available or documented.

This demo was created by TI. Let me reach out to them and get back to you.

At this point, I think this is the only one.

The plan its to switch to Kernel V11.1.0 by first week of September 2024 for AM6X processors.
The port will be available at GitHub - TexasInstruments/mcupsdk-core-k3: TI MCU+ SDK core source code repository with drivers and example applications for K3 family of MPUs. around this time frame and will be released as an SDK and upstreamed later.

Thanks for the update. We looking to improve FreeRTOS SMP support in Percepio Tracealyzer and need a better test platform. This would be really useful for us.

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