There is FIFO kernel utilite?

nobody wrote on Tuesday, November 07, 2006:

There is quenue and semaphore utilites and also timer functions :slight_smile:

Why there is no FIFO ?

Whould anybody write them in future? Is that in the plans of developers ?

If thereis nobody want to write it. I will be glad to write by myself.

nobody wrote on Tuesday, November 07, 2006:

What do you mean by FIFO.  Is a queue not a FIFO.  The first thing you put in is the first thing that comes out.  The last thing to be put in as at the end of the queue and the last thing to come out.

neilbradley wrote on Tuesday, November 07, 2006:

I’ve written some timer routines already and submitted them to Richard. I need to debug them - I’ll get on it, and then hopefully it’ll get integrated into the core.

nobody wrote on Thursday, November 09, 2006:

Then I am talking about FIFO, tirst of all I think about cyclic buffer, there the end of buffer is the start of buffer.

Setanly if you mean that the quenues if working by the principle of FIFO, I agree. But it is not effective to send a lot of information with queues. The better feature for some communications is FIFO buffer because some time the CPU is more fast than the some devices.