TCP stack initialization and socket communication with Tiva TM4C1294XL in FreeRTOS

rajeshkvdn wrote on Friday, November 02, 2018:

We are looking for a FreeRTOS port on Tiva TM4C1294 launch pad to run a socket client application for our product.The latest FreeRTOS doesn’t have any support for Tiva C Series microcontrollers. We are using TI’s CCS IDE for development purpose. I am planning to make the Nerwork Interface layer for TCP with Tiva TM4C1294. Please guide us on getting any source code of Netwok interface layer APIs that may be helpful to minimise my effort?

Thanks in Advance

heinbali01 wrote on Friday, November 02, 2018:

Hi, I’m not familiar with the TM4C1294. If you need a +TCP port for that CPU,
you could either look around on the Internet, or you could write it your self.

I would recommend to start with an existing +TCP driver like the one for STM32Fx and adapt it bit-by-bit.

It is described in this post

I wrote a generic Ethernet PHY driver ( called “phyHandling.c” ) that works for all mayor 100 Mbps PHY’s.

The first thing that you’d need to find is functions to read from and write to a PHY.