Tcp lab

eklipsej wrote on Wednesday, November 02, 2016:

I have been searchimg the forms to see if the tcp stack supports multiple interfaces.

I am using the atmel sam4e and would like to see if can use the ethernet phy as well as the winc1500 wifi adapter.

I have seen many references to a upcoming release and a test version supporting multiple interfaces.

Is there any updates on when that release will happen?
Or how to get those test versions?


heinbali01 wrote on Wednesday, November 02, 2016:

Hi Jerey, it ispossible to use multiple inerfaces with the newest version that is not yet published.I did test it on a SAM4E along with an external SPI network adapter.
Can you please contact us directly on h.tibosch on freertos point org ? Then I will send you the sources and guide you through it.