+TCP does not handle recovery after a lose of "Link"

I was using +TCP Still in the Lab version and if the cat-5 cable was removed the system would recognize it, however when link was restored the system never recognized it. The function BaseType_t xNetworkInterfaceInitialise( void ) was called repeatedly but since xEMACTaskHandle != NULL (since there was link at one time) the function that looks for the hardware link was never called. That left (ulPHYLinkStatus & BMSR_LINK_STATUS) always ==0 for the return. I added the code
} else /* Check the link status again. */
ulPHYLinkStatus = ulReadMDIO( PHY_REG_01_BMSR );
after the xEMACTaskHandle code block. I also had to prototype the ulReadMDIO() earlier in the code.
Have I missed something in the code?