tasks.c:2067:11: warning: this condition has identical branches [-Wduplicated-branches]


if( xPortStartScheduler() != pdFALSE )

We use Werror with -Wduplicated-branches own project, so this test with both case empty raise en error.

Why keep this test if both branch doe’s nothing.

I think this is just a documentation exercise, so users know to look at the return value of xPortStartScheduler() to find out why it returned. If it causes an issue for you then the if() can be removed altogether, and the code comments updated to say something like “In most cases xPortStartScheduler() will not return. If it returns 1 then there was not enough heap memory available to create either the Idle or Timer task. If it returned 0 then the application called xTaskEndScheduler(). Most ports don’t implement xTaskEndScheduler() as there is nothing to return to.”

We will be happy to accept a pull request with that change.