Task Not Starting

jwestmoreland wrote on Thursday, September 13, 2007:


I thought there was a recent post about tasks not starting in certain conditions - I saw the one regarding the queue fix - but has there been any other
problems in the recent past?

I looked through the forum back through July and didn’t see anything - and did a search but the search comes up with a lot of hits when you use the
word ‘task’.

I’m seeing a condition where vPortYield runs once, and that’s it.  That particular task never runs again.  I just see the
IDLE task running after that.  I only have the IDLE task and a ‘test’ task running since I’m debugging some stack issues.

John W.

davedoors wrote on Thursday, September 13, 2007:

Is this using the MSP430?  I know you are an expert on the RTOS so don’t want to ask obvious questions, but are you positive that the tick interrupt is running?

jwestmoreland wrote on Thursday, September 13, 2007:

Hello Dave,

I appreciate the accolades.

Yes, the timer2ISR is running - this is for the 8051/8052 C8051F120.

I thought there had been some posts in the recent past about tasks not running - maybe this only had to do with the queue.c fix.

I’m running the ‘tip-of-tree’ so to speak - the 4.5.0 preview/prerelease.

Curious issue is the timer2ISR runs, but I don’t see the LED task in this case, ever trying to run again.  It’s as if it’s been suspended

John W.