jeckle001 wrote on Thursday, May 21, 2009:


I am starting a project based on the NXP LCP2387 chip. I have downloaded the latest Yagarto as recommended and trying to compile the ARM7_LPC2368_eclipse demo as this should be very close to what I require.

The latest newlib that comes with Yagarto has been compiled to allow re-entrant syscall functions and so expects the user the fill in the syscall functions. Following the links in the yagarto_newlib.txt I got the simple version of syscalls.c.

1. Will this version of syscalls.c suffice for freeRTOS ? If not is there a howto or example code?
2. What do I do with this file? i.e. where do I put it? Does my makefile compile it or do I have to create a library?

This will be my first RTOS experience and I am wary of using something that mallocs using some generic minimalist code. Our projects tend to fill our processors and so our code needs to use memory in a very deterministic way to remove the danger of heap overflows and I am still not convinced that a RTOS is the way to go.

any help comments or advice will be most welcome.
Best regards

rtel wrote on Thursday, May 21, 2009:

I don’t think FreeRTOS makes use of any of the functions in syscalls.c so the file you have downloaded from Yagarto should be fine (have not tried it myself).

The makefile contains a list of files that are built by the project, just add syscalls.c to this list.