Switching static IP to DHCP in run time with LWIP FREERTOS

when I press an external interrupt button, I want to switch to static IP, press again want to switch to DHCP, how can I get this? because in CubeMX it just defines once for LWIP_DHCP macro and how can I use this for static IP or vice versa ?

I would suggest to post this question to the lwip user group.

@recep I found this similar issue, please check if it helps - RE: [lwip-users] How to securely switch between DHCP and static IP assig

But as @RAc suggested it is best to post it on lwip forum.

FreeRTOS+TCP offers this flexibility “at runtime” as follows: the DHCP driver can call a user-defined function xApplicationDHCPHook(), in which the application may decide to return either of:

    eDHCPContinue,      /**< Continue the DHCP process */
    eDHCPUseDefaults,   /**< Stop DHCP and use the static defaults. */
    eDHCPStopNoChanges, /**< Stop DHCP and continue with current settings. */

The application hook is only called if ipconfigUSE_DHCP_HOOK is defined as 1.


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