Support for Luminary micros

jstoezel wrote on Friday, November 06, 2009:


I have been running FreeRTOS on NXP’s ARMs for a couple of years and for several reasons I’m now considering switching to Luminary micros.

This may not be the best forum to ask, but I though this forum hosts quite a bit of knowledge regarding Luminary microcontrollers.

By any chances, are they out there free C/C++ compilers for Luminary MCUs? If so, do they have any limitations?


anonymous wrote on Friday, November 06, 2009:

As far as I can tell, Luminary microcontrollers are Cortex-M3 based, and should be fully supported by recent GCC versions.

You can obtain an installable package of GCC configured as an ARM cross-compiler from CodeSourcery web site (or you can build one from sources yourself).

psilva2007 wrote on Monday, November 09, 2009:


I work with LM3S6965 a cortex-M3, and arm-none-eabi-gcc version 4.3.2, this is the gcc from Codesourcey, openocd to write flash and  to debug,jtag from olimex, and freeRtos as my RTOS.

Hope this help.