Suggestions for FreeRTOS-based projects and applications- for university research


Are you working on a FreeRTOS-based project?

We are a research group from Amrita University, India and Purdue University, USA, and we are developing fuzzing frameworks for the FreeRTOS kernel and applications.

We are currently looking for applications, which we can use to test the various fuzzing frameworks we are developing. We are in need of more realistic applications, beyond the FreeRTOS demo applications.

Can you please suggest FreeRTOS-based projects we could use, or provide us access to the projects you work on, if possible?
You can reply on this thread, or send an email to and we would get back to you.

Thank you.

Amrita University

Recently we have also been looking at adding fuzzing to our CI. Can you provide additional information on your fuzzing frameworks?

You might consider coreHTTP and coreJSON as a starting place for fuzzing targets.