Struct "ECAN_MBOXES" has no field "MailBox"

My project is running on ccs 10.3.1. At this moment at project>C2000 compiler> Include option ,I am using 2 path(include_path,-l) like

C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_3_04_00_00\device_support\f2806x\common\include C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_3_04_00_00\device_support\f2806x\headers\include

My code is kind of customized from parent F2806x_ECan.c and F2806x_ECan.h. My one is like eCAN.c and eCAN.h.I have piping with other device so CAN_Module.h and CAN_Module.c has made for some purpose.

For this specific error, let me give you some detail information what error console is saying, recipe for target ‘CAN_Module.obj’ failed “…/CAN_Module.c”, line 45: error #137: struct “ECAN_MBOXES” has no field “MailBox” “…/CAN_Module.c”, line 46: error #137: struct “ECAN_MBOXES” has no field “MailBox”

One point is very significant in this problem, both 2021 and 2013 version of F2806x_ECan.h has locked mail boxes inactivate in code, MBOX0, MBOX1…MBOX31. This code is definitely supported by 2013 version because MBOX MailBox[32] array is absent in 2021. Not sure why mail box array is closed in both version while other options are open.

It is not clear how your question is related to FreeRTOS.