STR9 IAR Port - CSTACK Pointer out of Range

anonymous wrote on Wednesday, October 28, 2009:


I have just tried the STR9 IAR port for FreeRTOS and it works fine. I am trying it in ‘ARM - uIP - D’ mode at the moment.

When I pause execution, though, I get the following warning in the Debug Log pane:
The stack pointer for stack ‘CSTACK’ (currently 0x04005FF8) is outside the stack range (0x04013228 to 0x04013428)

The LCD shows:
Check status flag equals 0x10
(which I assume is because I am not testing the COM port).

Really it’s the fact the CSTACK pointer is saying that it is out of range that is my concern. I am using IAR EWARM 5.30 Evaluation.

Has anybody else noticed this or is it something peculiar to my set-up? I am also using the Olimex parallel port JTAG debugger with HJTAG.


woops_ wrote on Wednesday, October 28, 2009:

The IDE is telling you the stack pointer is outside the CSTACK segment, but that is expected as it will be pointing to the task stack. The task stack is allocated from the heap.

anonymous wrote on Wednesday, October 28, 2009:

Excellent, of course it is. Thank you so much. Thank you.