Stopping the sceduler using ARM port

racemouse wrote on Wednesday, July 11, 2007:


We are using FreeRTOS for a bootloader and we therefore want to stop the scheduler before we junp to the applications start address. When we call vTaskEndScheduler() the scheduler does not stop.
The function vPortEndScheduler () is empty. What do we need to fill in this function in order to stop the scheduler ?


rtel wrote on Wednesday, July 11, 2007:

vPortEndScheduler() is only really implemented for the PC port, where you can return to DOS once the scheduler is stopped.  In most ports there is nothing as such to return to, hence the lack of implementation.  You can look at the PC port to see what it does - but can ignore the bit where it re-installs the original DOS tick handler that was replaced with the timer routine.

In the simplest case you can just stop the tick timer from generating interrupts.  Look at prvSetupTimerInterrupt() in port.c to see the timer used to generate the tick.  If the tick interrupts do not fire then the same task will continue to execute without interference from provided you don’t call any API functions.  The timer is the only peripheral that is altered by the kernel itself, so the only thing that requires consideration.

If you are using an ARM port then take care that you are in an appropriate operating mode prior to calling you application.  Tasks run in System mode.

Hope this helps.


racemouse wrote on Thursday, July 12, 2007:

Hi Richard,

It most certainly did. Thanks for the reply.