STM32H750 The program runs normally in FLASH and abnormally in RAM

Wait for the EventGroup. If running in FLASH, it can jump out of each cycle,Although eventBits equal to 0 ,it’s normal. But if running in RAM, it will enter a waiting state until an event occurs.

Is your system tick working when you are running out of RAM?

Except for this task, all other tasks are working properly

Are other delays working?

I will point out that FreeRTOS doesn’t know what your program is running in, so its function can’t change on its own. Its possible that the issue is that your program is clobbering memory, and then who can tell what will happen. It could also be that with the program in RAM, you have less ram, so that is affecting something in the system.

Is configASSERT defined?

It’s a program issue, Ethernet was not initialized successfully, resulting in memory issues