STM32F767 r1p0 Core FPU

razed11 wrote on Sunday, September 18, 2016:

I’m integrating FreeRTOS on this processor and just read the readme under .../portable/GCC/ARM_CM7. In a nutshell it suggests that one use that port if you have an r0p1 core and use the .../ARM_CM4F port otherwise.

Happy to follow that advice but wanted to double check that the FPU support is consistent. The F767 has an r1p0 core with a FPv5-DP-D16-M FPU. I believe the 16 DP registers are the same as with the FPv4 that the Cortex-M4F uses and that might be all the RTOS cares about.

Anyone see any issues?



rtel wrote on Sunday, September 18, 2016:

No, I don’t see any issues. It should be fine.