STM32F7 + DCMI + FreeRTOS[cmsis-rtos API]


Project: Displaying camera data on the LCD using DCMI peripheral.

I have a used NON OS based HAL lib in the project.
There is no freezing issue in that, i.e interrupts were continously triggered.
The DCMI peripheral camera external interrupts were perfect. And the video on the screen was continusouly updating without freezing.

But After integrating that code with FreeRTOS, The external interrupts trigger for some time i.e 5 minutes approx, then they stop triggering. Video on the Screen would be freezed. other tasks run as usual.

where I am doing mistake. Is it the issue with Stack or Heap. or configuring the Priorities.

please help to figure out the solution.

Jay yash.

I am not using any queues or semaphores, do I need to use them.
I am using only DMA which already used in NON OS based project.

Could be any of those. I would recommend starting here: for links that will enable you to check the stack, etc.

If you are using any interrupts that make use of the FreeRTOS API then also check here:

Post back if you are able to narrow down the possible cause using the info on those links.

Other than that, when the camera stops, what is the task and/or interrupts that were functioning doing? If you break the code in the debugger, what is running?

Hello Richard,

Thank you for the reply.
I will go through the links provided and will get back to you if I find any solution.
Actually I was working on the other part of the project so got late to send you the reply.