STM32F107VC demo goes off to nowhere in vTaskStartScheduler()!

dibosco wrote on Wednesday, May 14, 2014:


I’ve just compiled the officially supported demo for the STM32F107VC. This one:

Using Rowley Crossworks.

It compiled with a couple of tweaks to correct \ for / in the user directories and I had to add an extra one.

It loads, but once it gets into vTaskStartScheduler() it jumps off somewhere funky (in the 0x1FFFC9xx area of memory. If I set a breakpoint in vTaskStartScheduler() and do a step into with the debugger, it acts like I have hit F5 to start running again. ie It won’t let me debug.

I can set the breakpoint in vTaskStartScheduler() all the way down to:

if( xPortStartScheduler() != pdFALSE )

However, if I set the breakpoint above there and try a single step, it does this restarting of the debugger as if it were running the program.

Anyone seen anything like this before? Never come across the debugger doing this on a run-to-complete program, let alone other version of FreeRTOS I’ve used!

Thanks :slight_smile:

dibosco wrote on Wednesday, May 14, 2014:

Ach, sorry, it was the boot switch on the board, I misuderstood what System Meory means on the silk screen. Sorry for the stupid question. :~(