grunzasr wrote on Wednesday, December 23, 2009:

I’m trying to build FreeRTOS for the ST Micro evaluation board STM3210C.  It has their connectivity line STM32F107 and a bunch of interesting peripherals.  I don’t want to use anyone’s IDE (for now).  I just want to use GCC and related utilities (make, objcopy, etc).

In theory this should be easy since this board <a href-“”>board</a> is already supported using the CrossStudio IDE from Rowley Associates.  I should just need a standard Gnu Makefile and the linker script (I built GCC for arm using the information from the RTEMS website).

In practice I’m having no end of difficulty figuring out what files need to be included, what the linker script should contain, and how to resolve the numerous “undefined reference to …” messages.  I tried using what are probably the RIDE project files and the other board’s source files as hints but so far nothing but error messages.

Does anyone have a Gnu makefile and linker script I can use?  Is there anyone interested in reviewing what I’ve created and providing some suggestions as to what I’ve done wrong?

rtel wrote on Wednesday, December 23, 2009:

First off - I never understand why people build their own GCC tool chains rather than just using a pre-built binary.  Unless its just for their own interest and education that is.

I have a command line build for that very board that uses arm-none-eabi-gcc.  Two caveats, the linker scripts are files that were originally output by Ride and the makefiles are for SafeRTOS, not FreeRTOS.

Ref the linker scripts.  I will have to check the copyright message in them to see if they can be sent, but I don’t expect there to be a problem.  Otherwise you can just look at other linker scripts in the FreeRTOS download and modify them for your memory map.

Ref the makefile.  I cannot send you the SafeRTOS source code, but the files required are very similar to FreeRTOS and I can point out the differences, so you should be able to adapt if for use with FreeRTOS very easily.

If you want the files then contact me directory using r  barry (at )


stf12 wrote on Saturday, December 26, 2009:

I made a FreeRTOS demo for STM32F107 using Eclipse and GCC (I use the binary distribution from CodeSourcery), but Eclipse is only a (very nice) front-end. In the source code you can find both Makefile and linker script and startup script. If you are interested you can find more information in this web page:



grunzasr wrote on Thursday, January 21, 2010:

Things are going well.  I can download using the “Flash Loader Demo” from ST.  It uses a COM port and ROM’d code in the STM32 to program flash on the STM32.

I can build the code from Stefano’s page mentioned above.  I’m building under cygwin using the binary GCC from CodeSourcery.  I’m not sure why my build of gcc didn’t work but since the CodeSourcery tools are free I’m not worrying about building gcc at this point.  Now I get to start learning how FreeRTOS and the STM support libary work…

Pretty soon I might even get to start working on the end application…