STM32 - freeRTOS - tasks not running

benjamingraef95 wrote on Wednesday, November 14, 2018:

Good day!

I am using a STM32F303 MCU with 7 tasks. Everything was working fine until a certain point, where suddenly no task is executed anymore and only the idle task is running. There is no hard fault. I also did not have any stack/heap issues.

However this phenomenon does not happen everytime I reset the MCU, sometimes it is working fine. Then suddenly its not. I set a break point in on task which gets delayed for 5 ms and then performs simple code. When the MCU is not working, the task gets executed onces and then never resumes. It seems like something is blocking every task. All the tasks have the same priority. Also there is no interrupt which is blocking. When i stop the programm, it is in the idle task, doing some memory deleting stuff.

Anyone has an idea what could be wrong?

Best regards, Benjamin.

rtel wrote on Thursday, November 15, 2018:

I’m afriad this is a little too generic so far to try and suggest a solution. Can you cut down your application to the absolute minimum that still shows the problem then post back with what you find.