stateviewer plugin in Eclise Galileo

sergiosider wrote on Friday, January 15, 2010:

Hi All,

I am using Eclipse (Galileo version) and the stateviwer plugin is not working (version 1.0.7 - I tried also 1.0.4 with the same results). The table only gets filled with data sometimes…. Everytime I started a debug session, I had to close the task & queue tables and then enable them again… but now, even this procedure is not working anymore. It only works occasionally.

Does anybody know if there’s an issue with the plug in and Eclise Galileo (I used the plugin a lot on ganymede…)

How can I monitor FreeRTOS data without it ? (manually , for example).

Sergio P. Sider

macica wrote on Friday, January 15, 2010:

Hello Sergio,
I’m using Galileo on a STM32 Cortex project and both plug-ins(state/queue) are working fine. I’m using it on both Ubuntu Linux and WinXP32. If I switch to my AVR project (still using FreeRTOS, Galileo, OpenOCD) it does not work. I think its because of an AVR pluging(to view registers) I’m using. You may want to disable some unneeded plug-ins to see if it starts working. I also had problems on the Linux system(eclipse was very slow) until I downloaded and installed Sun’s Java(man did that make a difference). Do you see the state viewer data requests in the eclipse console?

sergiosider wrote on Saturday, January 16, 2010:

Thanks macica,
I am using Windows (argh!) ,  Luminary Cortex and gdb with J-Link gdb server.
I will try disabling some plugins…

About the state viewer data requests, I didn’t looked carefully , but I noticed more “activity” on the console output when the plugin actually works.