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I’m working on a project using the PIC32MZ-EF base located here: jjr-simiatec/FreeRTOS-TCP-for-PIC32: A zero copy PIC32 Ethernet MAC driver for FreeRTOS+TCP. (

I believe I’m running into an issue with heap corruption, as on rare occasion I’m ending up with a Stack overflow that absolutely shouldn’t be able to occur (Stack sizes significantly larger than what could be possible). In the readme of the project above, there is mention of some unreleased code to solve heap corruption issues, but unfortunately, the links to the old sourceforge discussions are dead.

Can anyone point me to what these fixes were? Have the sourceforge discussions been archived somewhere?

Any help appreciated!

These are the archives of those posts, but they relate to the FAT file system. I can download the code from these links too but the code is going to be old and probably obsolete.

Thanks Richard. Reading through those, I don’t think they explain my problem. Thanks for the links though!

I’ll have to keep digging. Something is stepping on my memory. Guess I’ll start looking for unreleased allocations.

Thanks again.

One question - how did you determine that those were the threads I linked to? I’ve come across a few links to old SourceForge discussions that are no longer available and it would be nice to be able to cross reference them to the Archive.

We used SourceForge for the support forum for many years, maybe 15 years - the last 10 of which we archived the discussions on the FreeRTOS site. A year or two back we moved the primary development location from SourceForge to Github, and so also the support forum from SourceForge to FreeRTOS (leaving Github issues available for other management activities that we will roll out soon, rather than as the support location). As part of that move we put the SourceForge forums into read only mode, and then eventually into “invisible” mode. Although the SourceForge forums are no longer accessible to most, they still exist and are accessible to admins - hence I was able to view the posts myself and cross reference them to their archives.

I think I just made that sound a lot more complex than it is. I could have just said - I still have access to the original posts :slight_smile:

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@Pilot, all the old SourceForge discussions were migrated over when we moved our code and support as Richard described.

If you ever want to find the old discussions and know the SourceForge URL, just enter the URL into the search. It will return with the migrated post. All the content was moved over, but not any attachments. If you need any attachments that were there just let us know. We can get it for you and update the migrated posts. The SourceForge APIs didn’t allow for us to migrate the attachments.

And btw, I updated the original post with the attachments added by Hein.

Thank you very much rashed! That’s helpful.

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@Pilot : here are the most up-to-date locations of the libraries and protocols mentioned:

The FreeRTOS kernel
FreeRTOS+FAT /Labs
Protocols: FTP/HTTP/NTP

I also have an IPv6 version of the FTP server, not yet published. It works together with ipv6_multi branch.

For those interested, I do maintain the old testing/demo projects here. Those are mostly (GNU) Makefile projects that make use of Eclipse.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here.