Software Interrupt within a Task

despr wrote on Wednesday, May 18, 2016:

I’ve been working on a project with SAMD21 and FreeRTOS.

I want to add in my code software interrupts.
The tasks I have created are blocked and unblocked with Notifications.
If the software interrupt I want to create, occur in the middle of a Task, how can I handle it?
Can I use the _from_ISR functions since it’s about a software interrupt and not a hardware one?

How can I make sure that the code execution will return to the same point after the software interrupt?

Thank you in advance.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, May 18, 2016:

When you say software interrupt, do you mean an SVC call, or an
interrupt generated by setting a bit in a SetPending register?

If you are setting a pending bit then the resultant interrupt will
occur, and should be handled, in exactly the same way as a hardware
generated interrupt.