SoftConsole and Freertos v7.0.1

yyang2000 wrote on Thursday, September 08, 2011:


I am using the SoftConsole and a recently downloaded Freertos/Demo/CORTEX_A2F200_SoftConsole. I followed the instructions to import this CORTEX_A2F200_SoftConsole directory to SoftConsole platform to Build ALL. But the compiling error said because it cannot locate the Include file, FreeRtos.h and some other head files. I checked they are in the folder Source/include. I tried to configure the Path to the folder contains the Freertos.h, but I am not successful.

Usually, I have used Keil IDE and knew how to fix it, but I am not good on SoftConsole. Please some one can help and figure me what I need to do.

Bill Yang

rtel wrote on Thursday, September 08, 2011:

Are you using a Windows or Linux platform?  If Linux, then it is possible that a file separator character is the wrong way around (back slash Vs forward slash) or that an include file has a case sensitivity problem.

I presume, from your post, that you are importing the project that is in the FreeRTOS directory, not creating your own?  You can view the include paths in the project options, but also by inspecting the output that appears in the Console window when you build.  Anything in the command line that starts -I is an include path, check they are correct for your system and the include files are where it expects to find them (they should be if you have followed the instructions, as you say).