SMP Demos for the Raspberry Pi Pico Board

Hi, I started my projekt with RP2040 and FreeRTOS SMP. I use the Eclipse IDE on Windows 10. I’m able to build Release and Debug configurations. With Segger JLink I also can debug. So far so good. But I get a lot of warnigs and 4 errors at the end of the build process.

Finished building: PicoSMP.hex

Invoking: GNU Arm Cross Print Size
arm-none-eabi-size --format=berkeley “PicoSMP.elf”
** text data bss dec hex filename**
** 47000 0 133392 180392 2c0a8 PicoSMP.elf**
Finished building: PicoSMP.siz

21:28:54 Build Failed. 4 errors, 350 warnings. (took 19s.436ms)

One of the warnings is for example:

../FreeRTOS/Source/tasks.c:3646:39: warning: comparison of integer expressions of different signedness: 'UBaseType_t' {aka 'long unsigned int'} and 'BaseType_t' {aka 'long int'} [-Wsign-compare]
 3646 |                                 if( x == xCoreID )
      |                                       ^~

Is it normal to get this warning? Or what should I do with the 350 warnings?


The SMP code currently is going through some improvements as we are working on merging it to the main branch. The latest work-in-progress code is here - GitHub - chinglee-iot/FreeRTOS-Kernel at smp-dev-complete-merge-candidate-history

Would you like to give it a try and tell us if you still see any warning.

UBaseType_t xCoreID;

x == ( UBaseType_t ) xCoreID

maybe this refine can help you.

Dear Saiiijchan,
Thank you for support.