SMP demo for Pico: Why is USB not enabled for core1 example in OnEitherCore make file?

In the Raspberry Pico/RP2040 SMP demos, there are almost identically examples for running on Core 0 and 1. The source is the same for the two examples, but the build file enables stio for the core0 example, and comments out that support for the core1 build.

build commands for core 0 example:

pico_enable_stdio_usb(on_core_zero 1)

for core 1 example, that last line is commented out:

#pico_enable_stdio_usb(on_core_one 1)

As a new user I can’t create a link, but here is the github location - on the SMP branch:
FreeRTOS-SMP-Demos/FreeRTOS/Demo/CORTEX_M0+_RP2040/OnEitherCore/CMakeLists.txt , line 38

#pico_enable_stdio_usb(on_core_one 1)

What is the reason for the difference ?

Seems more of a question for pico. @kilograham can you please help? Looking at this assert, I can guess is that it is related to which core USB is initialized on, but I am not that familiar with pico.

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