simple UART Transmit and Receive on LPC1778

john1953 wrote on Tuesday, August 13, 2013:

I am trying to do a very simple transmit and receive a char on UART0 I have this for transmit:
void UART_Task_Init()
   LPC_UART_TypeDef *UARTx = (LPC_UART_TypeDef *) LPC_UART0;
    UART_CFG_Type UARTConfigStruct; /* UART Configuration structure variable */
    UART_FIFO_CFG_Type UARTFIFOConfigStruct; /* UART FIFO configuration Struct variable */

    /* Initialize UART Configuration parameter structure to default state:
     * Baudrate = 9600bps, 8 data bit, 1 Stop bit, None parity  */

    /* Set Baudrate to 115200 */
    //UARTConfigStruct.Baud_rate = 115200;

    /* Initialize UART0 peripheral with given to corresponding parameter */
    UART_Init(LPC_UART0, &UARTConfigStruct);
#if 1

    /* Initialize FIFOConfigStruct to default state:
     * - FIFO_DMAMode = DISABLE
     * - FIFO_Level = UART_FIFO_TRGLEV0
     * - FIFO_ResetRxBuf = ENABLE
     * - FIFO_ResetTxBuf = ENABLE
     * - FIFO_State = ENABLE
    /* Initialize FIFO for UART0 peripheral */
    UART_FIFOConfig(UARTx, &UARTFIFOConfigStruct);
    /*  Enable UART Transmit */

Followed by a:

UART_Send(UARTx, (uint8_t *)string, strlen(string), BLOCKING);

It seems to try and transmit:
UART_SendByte(UARTx, (*pChar++));

the first character and then times out.

Is this the right path?

Also do you have a example receive?
I could not find serial example for 1778.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, August 14, 2013:

As we support hundreds of chips, with a massive range of peripheral IP, we are unfortunately unable to provide support on chip specific configuration (unless it is directly related to a FreeRTOS port).

If the IP is the same as that used on the 1768 (which I think it is) then you will find a lot of serial port related code in the the FreeRTOS+IO product - which is a free download.