Simple tracing code utility for RTOS task and kernel objects


After a port of freeRTOS , looking now for a simple RTOs tracing/log utility code which will provide RTOS tracing information on task and other kernel objects.
to run it along with the ported freertos code. Presently we only know about enabling in config.h the macros like #define configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY to 1 and #define configGENERATE_RUN_TIME_STATS 1

any example will be of much help ,


This page may be out of date but you can go to the Percepio website directly: FreeRTOS+Trace from Percepio is a sophisticated diagnostic tool for FreeRTOS

Thank you for the information,

As its a separate tool working in sync with freeRTOS, looking for something that co exist as a .c/.h file ( I understand it will be not a part of freertos kernel code) within a demo application that exercises major kernel objects and tasks via some sprintf s

Is there any tracing sample code in the demo applications of any native microcontroller so we can consider and quickly adapt it.


What do you want to achieve? Do you want to get timing and other detailed information in a GUI like Tracelyzer shows or do you want to just exercise FreeRTOS objects to test your port?

just exercise FreeRTOS objects to test the port by a minimal trace code that will run along with the demo application and exercise task/ kernel objects and collect status information and show in a console.

You can use the tests available in the FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS repo. This readme explains how to use them in your project - FreeRTOS/ at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS · GitHub

just forgot that firstly precondition scenario like in config.h , some tracing macros like configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY and #define configGENERATE_RUN_TIME_STATS will be enabled and then, this tracing code will collectively run as part of the application.