Setting up http server on STM32H750B-DK with LwIP and FreeRTOS

I am trying to set up an http server on STM32H750B-DK (on STM32CubeIDE) with LwIP. When I program it without implementing FreeRTOS I call the function MX_LWIP_Process in while function in main:

 * Function given to help user to continue LwIP Initialization
 * Up to user to complete or change this function ...
 * Up to user to call this function in main.c in while (1) of main(void)
 * Read a received packet from the Ethernet buffers
 * Send it to the lwIP stack for handling
 * Handle timeouts if LWIP_TIMERS is set and without RTOS
 * Handle the llink status if LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK is set and without RTOS
void MX_LWIP_Process(void)

The IP address pings fine and the http server is set up. But when I enable FreeRTOS the declaration of this function does not happen:

/* Function defined in lwip.c to:
 *   - Read a received packet from the Ethernet buffers
 *   - Send it to the lwIP stack for handling
 *   - Handle timeouts if NO_SYS_NO_TIMERS not set
void MX_LWIP_Process(void);

#endif /* WITH_RTOS */

Even if I define it outside the if function it doesn’t work. I guess this should work in another way when working with RTOS. I tried calling http_server_init in StartDefaultTask:

static void http_server(struct netconn *conn)
	struct netbuf *inbuf;
	err_t recv_err;
	char* buf;
	u16_t buflen;
	struct fs_file file;

	/* Read the data from the port, blocking if nothing yet there */
	recv_err = netconn_recv(conn, &inbuf);

	if (recv_err == ERR_OK)
		if (netconn_err(conn) == ERR_OK)
			/* Get the data pointer and length of the data inside a netbuf */
			netbuf_data(inbuf, (void**)&buf, &buflen);

			/* Check if request to get the index.html */
			if (strncmp((char const *)buf,"GET /index.html",15)==0)
				fs_open(&file, "/index.html");
				netconn_write(conn, (const unsigned char*)(, (size_t)file.len, NETCONN_NOCOPY);
				/* Load Error page */
				fs_open(&file, "/404.html");
				netconn_write(conn, (const unsigned char*)(, (size_t)file.len, NETCONN_NOCOPY);
	/* Close the connection (server closes in HTTP) */

	/* Delete the buffer (netconn_recv gives us ownership,
   so we have to make sure to deallocate the buffer) */

static void http_thread(void *arg)
  struct netconn *conn, *newconn;
  err_t err, accept_err;
  /* Create a new TCP connection handle */
  conn = netconn_new(NETCONN_TCP);
  if (conn!= NULL)
    /* Bind to port 80 (HTTP) with default IP address */
    err = netconn_bind(conn, IP_ADDR_ANY, 80);
    if (err == ERR_OK)
      /* Put the connection into LISTEN state */
        /* accept any incoming connection */
        accept_err = netconn_accept(conn, &newconn);
        if(accept_err == ERR_OK)
          /* serve connection */

          /* delete connection */

void http_server_init()
  sys_thread_new("http_thread", http_thread, NULL, DEFAULT_THREAD_STACKSIZE, osPriorityNormal);

Still doesn’t work. Can anyone help me?

you may be better off contacting lwip via their mailing list, but to me this is by definition as the function you try to call appears to emulate a non-OS handling of lwip packets which by definition is incompatible with an OS. You may want to start with an existing project.

As @RAc said, this question seems related to LWIP and therefore, you are likely to get better responses there. I am closing this issue. Feel free to reopen or create a new one if you need anything else for FreeRTOS.