Serial Communication Protocol Library

I have to implement a simple serial protocol (it does not matter which one, MQTT, SLIP or others). I need to implement it quickly because I have to focus on the main part of the software.

Are there any ready made libraries (C/C++) that work out of the box that do all the parsing, storage of received data into the receiving structure, etc.?

Thank you

Would an MQTT client library work for you? If yes, here is the one from us - GitHub - FreeRTOS/coreMQTT: Client implementation of the MQTT 3.1.1 specification for embedded devices.

Serial drivers are platform specific, so first of all we would need to know which hardware you are running on. For the “back end,” you will very likely need a manufacturer provided driver, or, if you are lucky, you will find one in a custom project on github.

Also, if you wish to implement mqtt, you will also need external infra structure (an existing message broker).