Schematic for STM32 to use FreeRTOS+TCP

Hello Everyone, I have a STM32 Development board without Ethernet Card, and I want to Use FreeRTOS+TCP for my project but I dont know how to connect from RJ45 to STM32, need I to use an thirty-party module,? if need, What is module?

Hello Phạm Văn Lập, what kind of development board do you have now?

If your board can do Ethernet, it needs a PHY chip and a RJ45 connector.
There is a possibility to use an external Ethernet board (e.g. ksz8851snl) , that connects through SPI, but I would not recommend that: it is more complicated and it is relatively slow.

So you might want to look around for a board that has e.g. a STM32Fxx or STM32Hxx, on one of the discovery boards that have integrated Ethernet.

Hello Hein Tibosch,
I have a STM32 board designed by me with all GPIO pins are available for connect to any external module.

W5500 connected to my STM32 board via SPI1 communication pins
This PHY chip has been working well with the W5500_library I get from home page of it.
and now, I want to use FreeRTOS+TCP for my project instead of use W5500_library .
Have you any suggestion for me?
Thanks a lot

Without knowing anything about W5500, I wonder why you don’t just place a PHY chip next to you STM32? Doesn’t it have an EMAC? What type number does it have? Nothing won;t be faster than using the internal EMAC for Ethernet, I think.