Same package appears twice in wireshark


I work with FreeRTOS Windows port to develop my library. I just realize that, Wireshark makes it look like the same ethernet packet was sent twice. I’m sure pcap_sendpacket function is called only once. I’m pretty sure the same package wasn’t sent twice because I have a udp send receive test with counter. Is it known issue or am I missing something?

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can you share the pcap for us to inspect? Filtered would be fine. (1.0 KB)

Only required packages are shown. 25th byte of the data(total is 28 byte) is counter.

I believe that it is an issue with the pcap_sendpacket and use of Wireshark. I think since Wireshark uses the pcap interface to read the incoming packets, the use of pcap_sendpacket leads to Wireshark seeing suplicate packets.

But FreeRTOS+TCP doesn’t actually send the packet twice (as you already mentioned :slightly_smiling_face:)
Don’t worry, it is not a bug in your code. Do note that windows simulator port should not be used for production level code - it is to be used for learning and debugging purpose only :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello again,

Thank you for reply. Because i used old version of wireshark before both winpcap and npcap are installed on my PC. I removed winpcap from my PC and changed Freertos WinPort pcap library with npcap. The app seems to be working fine but duplicate packets still appear in Wireshark.

I wish you good work.


I removed npcap and reinstall wireshark 3.4.0 with winpcap 4.1.3 and duplicate package problem is solved.

Thank you.