Sam7x256+olimex debugger+eclipse+gcc

beberuhi wrote on Wednesday, July 21, 2010:


I try to start demo but after the vTaskStartScheduler function, i get data abort in debug mode, i didn’t change anything in demo project,
i use James P. Lynch tutorial, yagarto  and  zylin cdt,
my debug gdb commands;

monitor soft_reset_halt
monitor arm core_state arm
monitor gdb_breakpoint_override hard
monitor mww 0xffffff60 0x00320100
monitor mww 0xfffffd44 0xa0008000
monitor mww 0xfffffc20 0xa0000601
monitor sleep 100
monitor mww 0xfffffd08 0xa5000401
monitor mww 0xfffffc2c 0x00480a0e
monitor sleep 200
monitor mww 0xfffffc30 0x7
monitor sleep 100
set remote memory-write-packet-size 1024
set remote memory-write-packet-size fixed
set remote memory-read-packet-size 1024
set remote memory-read-packet-size fixed
monitor mww 0xfffffd00 0xa5000004
monitor mww 0xffffff00 0x01
monitor reg pc 0x00000000

also i try GDB hardware debugging but in freertos site three is no instruction about debug configuration.

Please help

beberuhi wrote on Wednesday, July 21, 2010:

I forget to tell. Before sam7 get in vTaskStartScheduler , it’s in supervisor mode .
Also i figure something, Data abort came after it just exited in portRestore_Context(),;

memory read caused data abort (address: 0x11111111, size: 0x1, count: 0x3)

when it get in prvHighestPriorityPeekTask(), it’s in system mode
After some couple of tests, now I’m get same data abort all time;

memory read caused data abort (address: 0x060605fe, size: 0x1, count: 0x2)