Run fucntion uxListRemove,code go to default ISR

I track the code running path,and find as below:

when code run into fucntion uxListRemove, and then run the operation
pxItemToRemove->pxNext->pxPrevious = pxItemToRemove->pxPrevious;

code will go to default ISR,

I don’t know how handle this error,could you give me any advice?

From the call stack it appears you are using a port of FreeRTOS that supports the memory protection unit. Is that correct?

I think the first thing to do is determine which interrupt you have ended up in. You can do that by giving each interrupt a unique name rather than having them all set to the default handler. Start with the exceptions, such as hard fault and memory fault as it is most likely one of those. If its not an exception then it might be easiest (?) to follow the instructions in the “Determining Which Exception Handler is Executing” section of this page: